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Nathalie Dubreu is an interdisciplinary dance artist, whose improvisations revive intimate inwardness and consciousness into a visual and poetic art form.

Her background as a visual artist puts her dance movements and performance into a fine art perspective, exploring how her body is drawing into space, resurfacing from inside, waves of emotional and sensitive states of being.

Based on structured improvisations and falling into multiple contexts and disciplines, her receptive and reflective approach, resonate in the depths of the audiences soul, seeking to unfold a capacity to see, hear and perceive the invisible.

She is focusing her efforts on producing a coherent whole with a concern for purity and minimalism. Her performances are thoroughly prepared; every idea questioned and assembled in a long thought out process coming to fruition and maturity. Physically her movements are elaborated within a slow motion and extreme of gesture, seeking to develop an overall impression of sculptural quality and unearthly beauty.

Her work invites and engages the audience into an aesthetic encounter that devises new bridges between the two-dimensional art form and live expression.

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